Fine Art Photography rented to private individuals and corporate entities.

“To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart.”

- Henri Cartier-Bresson -

This quote has an important meaning for me and, for me, it resumes the best my photographic work.
Recognizing, instantly, a moment of significance; something that found an echo in me, and share it with you.
It could start by:
- An inspiration of the moment
- Something that caught my eyes
- A feeling that I slowly find its way and expressed itself through the camera
- Remembrances of people who inspired me, of childhood, of a moment, …
- People I came across, their stories, their life, their “invisible” link between them and me at that moment,…

It’s a way of understanding the world (past, present, future), the people around me , this invisible link of between them.
It’s a way of capturing this elusive light, this particular atmosphere and the mood she creates in me.
It’s a way of finding myself, freeing myself, expressing myself, living and share it with others.

It’s the complex interaction between light and darkness; real and mythical worlds.
What is real and not? What we see or imagine? Is our reaction is a response from our deepest fears?

Going back to your first instincts; seeing and facing your deepest fears so you can accept them and integrate them as part of yourself. Once we make contact with our fears, we can make contact with our own life, with yourself. We start to see life differently, seeing light, feeling hope, finding your own way, even through difficulties.
Our way, the life meant for us, so we can write ourselves our own legend!

A tribute to the green fairy and to the poets. They saw her, with her long wavy hair, in the water, charming them, talking to them, attracting them and finally holding them in her power.

- Maite Virouleaud -